Thursday 21 June 2018

Aqua Wipes and What We Love About Them

We were sent 5 packets of Aqua Wipes. I had no prior knowledge of them and no brand loyalty but I was a convert within literally a couple of wipes. So much so we used those bad boys for everything and they didn't last long. When I say everything... this includes my face of course.... but not for makeup removal but because shortly after they arrived there was a heatwave and oh my.... they are bliss.... cold... when you told them to your forehead and all over your face and neck. First slowly, to just absorb the coolness and then more movement to get rid of the daily grime. I also smugly used them on the windscreen one day. Imagine reduced visibility due to dead flies (may they rest in peace) and me getting out of the vehicle to "wipe" the window. Daddy then practically has a fit and says "do you know how much LOTION... THOSE THINGS contain?!?!". I knew he'd never seen heard or used an Aqua Wipe in his life and therefore didn't have the 1st clue that they are full of WATER, so I just looked silently smug as it gradually dawned on him there was in fact no smears nor no residue on his windscreen. One point to Mumma all the bonus points to AQUA WIPES.

Oh and I also gave a packet to Lottie's nursery who loved them so much they bought more when those finished also remarking on how lovely and refreshing they are when used on one's face.

I am highly embarrassed to say I do not have my usual plethora of well thought out colourful photos to go alongside a review, because not only did we use them like it was a race, but the packet I had saved for photography reasons, Daddy used without my knowledge. It's fine it was FOR nappy changes but he does a nappy change if I'm busy or asleep which means I didn't see him getting through them so couldn't stop him le sigh. So I guess I could be like a beauty blogger and show you my empties as that is the biggest endorsement of all isn't it. We loved them, Lottie loves them and the planet loves them.... unlike the other water wipe on the market, they aren't too wet either. Which means the packet feels like the weight of a normal packet of wipes when in your hand or bag. They're also fully biodegradable hence my mention of our lovely planet.

Unfortunately, currently, the only way to buy them is via Amazon, but you Dear Reader may like to buy everything from there anyhow and may have an Amazon Prime account, which means very fast delivery indeed. For your ease of use this is the link on Amazon below. It is not an affiliate link and I have not been paid to promote this product - I was just simply sent a few packs to see if we loved them and love them we truly do. I don't ever write about products I don't love as I don't agree to review them in the first place. I decided to give these a try and just like with the Be Sensible waterproof sheets I am THRILLED that I did. There's a water theme running through here.... running.... water..... get it?!?!? I am that person who laughs at their own jokes always. #SorryNotSorry

What the company has to say about their Aqua Wipes:
Aqua Wipes’ revolutionary wipes contain more than 99% purified water with an organic aloe vera extract formulation, which uses zero plastic based materials. Used by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and registered with the Vegan Society, Aqua Wipes is created with sensitive skin types in mind to care for even the most delicate newborn skin, as well as our planet.
Let's face it newborns do leave the house sometimes and it's not always convenient to bring a bowl of tepid pure water and cotton wool balls EVERYWHERE - wish I had emojis on here to included a LOL one!
Behind the BrandAqua Wipes was born after Founder, Dr Mark Little’s daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema. At the time, it was very difficult for them to find products that were entirely natural or had minimal chemicals, so as not to irritate the skin. They set about creating a baby wipe that was not only natural but kind to the most delicate of skin. Combining purified water with coconut cleansing agent and organic aloe vera extract, Aqua Wipes was born.
For more information on Aqua Wipes and the full story behind the brand go to 

Alternatively, you can find Aqua Wipes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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