Wednesday 25 July 2018

Holiday Kids' Clubs in Bristol Summer 2018

Holiday Kids Clubs - great way to break up the 6 weeks school Summer holidays
Ensuring our kids still get the company of their peers and 
lots of activity in a formal secure, yet fun setting throughout
You don't even need to be a working parent
You might just want a few days out where kids can be kids and adults can be adults
When you reconnect afterwards you'll both have a renewed spirit and
be happy to share with each other what you all got up to. 

The first time we dropped Aaron at a holiday club Lottie was sad to say goodbye
but he had so much more time for her at the end of each day
when he'd had time away with kids his own age. 
Of course it also meant I could focus on Lottie one-to-one
which she loves like when he's at regular school.

The trouble with the school Summer holidays is most of your extra-curricular evening hobbies break up for the Summer too just like school. I know all of Lottie's toddler play and stay groups do. With Aaron though, we're very lucky in that our Football Club training and our BMX Club classes carry on throughout. But it can be a long six weeks with no school and no formal structured activities.

We ourselves tried Bristol's Premier Camps in February and Aaron loved it - he made great friends and took part in gymnastics, football, archery, fencing and Nerf Gun wars over two days even coming away with a certificate. When he was in nursery when I went back to work just before he turned one, childcare was circa 50GBP a day, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Premier Education holiday camp from only 15.95 GBP a day (cheaper or dearer depending on the amount of notice given and whether booked on or offline. Book online before you attend, to guarantee a place and the cheapest price. There is a mobile phone contact for each Premier course and the phone is answered by a very personable and informed team member who will give you the exact advice you require. If you do a course local to home you may well find your child knows a few people there.

Premier Camps!Everyone is invited to join the fun.

Inspire to Engage is Premier Sport’s brand new holiday course initiative. Your children will keep busy and active with a huge variety of activities and sports for them to enjoy during the school holiday. The fun environment on our holiday courses means they mix with loads of children of their own age, get active and most importantly have fun.

The programme is accessible across all age groups and abilities. It ensures your children have fun with friends, at the same time learning the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. The programme helps your child improve their communication skills, build their self-confidence and develop valuable social skills.

It’s a fantastic, healthy, way for kids to get out of the house. Kids love being active and of course it’s cool being with friends. The usual verdict is "it was brilliant!"

Clifton College Kid’s Clubs – 3-13 Years of Age

This summer, Clifton College in Bristol are hosting their popular kids’ clubs, with a group suitable for all ages between 3-13 years of age. Each club includes a wide variety of activities all with the aim that your children enjoy themselves and learn different skills on the way. 

The Mini’s Kids’ Club (3-4) 

focuses on personal development and interaction with others.

The Junior Club (5-7) 

focuses on encouraging children to pursue their interests and develop their skills through their own choice of activity. 

The oldest club, the Kids’ Club (8-13)

promotes self-expression, confidence building, offering complete flexibility and choice of involvement. Of course, all three groups offer FUN, with activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor play and even afternoon swim sessions (Kids’ Club and Junior’s Club).

Prices for all kids' clubs at Clifton College 

- start from £22 for half a day and 
- £44 for a full day. 

The Mini’s Club started from 6th July 2018 while the Kids’ Club and the Junior’s Club started on 9th July 2018. Feel free to join at any time. For more information, and to book online please visit

An example of a day in Clifton College Minis Kids Club

Minis Holiday Club

Minis Holiday Club is for 3–4 year old children plus 2 year olds who attend our nursery during term time and is based in Clifton College Nursery. This provides a stimulating and creative environment for young children during the holidays. Qualified and experienced staff will support children to engage in age-appropriate activities with particular attention paid to personal development, interaction with others and, most importantly, fun! Minis must bring a packed lunch each day.
Typical Day Timetable
0800–1000 – Arrivals, Early Play including Arts and Crafts, Games etc
1000–1030 – Registration and Chat Time
1030–1130 – Playground and Games
1130–1200 – Optional Activities
1200–1300 – Lunch
1300–1600 – Outdoor Play/Free Play/Adult-led Activities
1600–1800 – Departures, Stay and Play and Quiet Time
*Above is an example of a typical day and should be treated only as a guide. Variances regularly occur as staff adopt a flexible approach to meet children’s needs.

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