Saturday 27 April 2019

UK Road Trip Through Yorkshire Whilst Needing an MOT

Have you ever covered a lot of ground across the UK by road? 265 miles to be precise. We did just that a couple of years ago and just before Christmas too. We were due to get an MOT at the time and planned that into our itinerary, making sure we got a recommendation for somewhere reliable, as it's not something you let lapse especially not when travelling long distances with children for a much anticipated family trip. We always check the tyre pressure and water etc... before heading out, every single time we go on a long journey.

We went from London to York. And then on from York to Scarborough.... Actually my middle aged memory does not serve me right I think we went London to Scarborough and then York on the way home... best read the old blog posts and remind myself.

Anyway in York we were blessed to be able to review Premier Inn and during the 1st weekend of St Nick's Xmas Market no less.

In Scarborough we were blessed to review Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.

The problem was the decision of how exactly we would traverse all these "roads". Daddy desperately wanted to take the car for comfort and independence and I wanted him to use the Mega Bus given that we could then all be social and he could close his eyes if he needed to, given the amount of miles we would be covering. And actually had we taken the car we'd have done even more mileage as we'd have toured Scarborough instead of the alternative which was that we just enjoyed the boutique hotel we were reviewing and didn't see the surrounding area at all.

A visual guide at this point seems helpful:
I mark Ossett Tyre House above as that is where we looked into having our MOT done en route had we gone "down the road" (forgive the pun) of taking the car. To save your car from any damage book your MOT test in Dewsbury from Ossett Tyre House

It came recommended when we decided we'd be travelling through Yorkshire. What they say on site:
We can help you save money by servicing the vehicle before you get the MOT Test to ensure the vehicle is in the right condition to pass the test, reducing the need for you to have to pay for a re test. MOT in Dewsbury provides you with the facility to book in your vehicle online at any desired time. We provide economical rates and professional services to ensure your car stays safe.
Simply enter your vehicle registration details into our easy to use online booking widget, select the preferred date and time and we will contact you to confirm the booking.
Here at Ossett Tyre house we will also send customers a reminder for the due date to ensure you are safe and legal!
If a vehicle hasn't had an up to date MOT it can't be confirmed as being road worthy, which can compromise the safety of passengers which is no laughing matter at the best of times, but even more so as a parent when our children are such precious cargo. Accidents can be caused by unsafe cars. I'm old enough to remember my younger days in Ireland when MOTs were not compulsory - wow you should have seen some of the bangers on the road. Something you just don't see at all now. In fact they've gone to the other extreme and it always feels like people's cars are this year's or last year's. The NCT (National Car Test) was only introduced in Ireland as recently as 2000.
Compulsory car testing was introduced in Ireland in 2000 as part of an EU Directive that makes car testing compulsory in all member states. Source:

Without your current MOT you can be penalized in the UK and may have to pay a heavy fine, or fixed penalty notice:
The penalty for driving without an MOT... No points are issued on a driver's licence although a fine is imposed by court of up to a maximum of £1000. A fixed penalty notice is usually the method dealt with by Police which costs the driver £100.
I wouldn't travel in a car with kids if the MOT is not done on time or if I have any doubt as to whether the car will pass it when due. The MOT ensures that both the interior and exterior of the car are functional. Mechanical and electrical aspects are covered along with the obvious, like the seat belts that are so important in the event of an accident.

Only an expert in MOT can provide you with the right solution and provide the fix to pass the car should it fail.

In the end though we used Mega Bus for our UK road trip which had the positive that Daddy could sleep and Aaron could get out of his seat for the loo etc but also the negative that albeit seeming cheap, it actually wasn't at all when you added up all the legs of the journey given we had to change a couple of times. Literally our round trip was £200 which if you know how cheap Mega Bus is, is a lot!  Also not bringing the car meant we had the headache of still needing to do the MOT upon our return.

Collaborative post.


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