Monday 31 August 2009

Not pregnant this time

God the mind can play tricks on you. I was convinced nearly 100% that I was pregnant. Was just waiting for the HPT to catch up with me Tuesday (tomorrow) or Wednesday.

But despite my TOM being due on Thursday 27th August, I just started today, now at 5.30 p.m. Monday 31st August, Bank Holiday Monday.

So that is another cycle gone, another attempt failed, and another "pick me up and start again".

Last few days I felt really sick and really tired. I went on so so so many chat forums where people said "I was a week passed my period before I got a positive HPT". I was reading everything about ovulating late and conceiving late hence getting a late BFP......

But it was not to be. If I had been pregnant the due date would have been 06/05/2010, which is funny as that is only a day later than my Mum which means I'd have been in a Taurus sandwich, above and below me in the family tree. Maybe I got off lightly - ha ha ha.

Anyway....... I know nobody is reading this, but I can make it an online diary, so this is the update.............. AF is here. TOM is here, and there'll be no more HPT for this girl........ until another few weeks have passed anyway.

Bye for now, and chin up to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.


If you are anything like me, when you are going through 5 months of ttc (trying to conceive in baby WEB world) you find yourself confiding in a few close friends. Hard to face them then, to say ooooops, not pregnant after all, so I just wrote the select few who were in the know an email as below:

Hi All

Hope you are enjoying the super weather today. It really is gorgeous.

Just dropping a line to let you know, I got all excited over nothing again (sorry, promise I have learned my lesson THIS time).

Aunt flow was due last Thursday and in the last few days I felt sick and had so many "symptoms" so convinced myself that I was pg.

Got through 3 negative preg tests, but convinced myself (after prowling tonnes of websites) that I would get a positive after a week. BUT this evening at 5.30 p.m. Aunt Flow arrived with all her luggage.

So that's me over with for another month. And I was so excited too. Mother Nature can be so cruel.

Anyway, I have to take my mind off it and get on with other things. At least I haven't started menopause early or anything like that GOD FORBID. So there's always a silver lining to every cloud.

Hope you had a lovely bank holiday, and I promise I won't say anything next month. Might even wait till I can ask you to do some baby sitting, but you'll probably (and hopefully) have noticed a bump well before then.

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