Monday 31 August 2009

Still feeling pregnant despite 3 negative HPT


Not doing another HPT today. My gut instinct is that I will not get a BFP until Wednesday morning, BUT I have such a funny feeling in my abdomen today and when I lay on my tummy to go to sleep last night, it did not feel right. Now that I mention gut instinct, I was reading in my pregnancy bible that when one is pregnant one gets constipated. I took that as a negative sign, as I have the opposite. BUT I just read this, which reassures me.

As I am 36 I am now worrying that maybe I have missed my period due to early menopause. Please let that not be the case. It has taken me years to feel ready, and now that I am, please don't take the opportunity away from me. I will have so so so many regrets otherwise.

Crossing all my fingers and toes for a positive result on Wednesday. I will be so so so excited, and then I really will be a New Mum Online.

Bye the way, I consider myself a Mum if I am pregnant. I have never understood people, who a few weeks before giving birth say, I can't believe, in a few weeks I am going to be a Mum. Aren't you a Mum while it is growing inside you, sharing your blood, your food, your emotions. As far as I am concerned that is the beginning of Motherhood, and you can have so much influence on the blueprint of the child, while it is right there, hearing the voice of Mum and Dad, feeling the benefit of any meditation you do, etc...

I am so excited so I am praying for a positive result. I was sad that I have been trying since April, but I think it is meant to be as it means I will be so much more patient with any morning sickness etc... because I will embrace it all, saying I have wanted this for so long. I know to some, April is maybe not that long ago, but I have felt everyday and every month.

I am now 4 days overdue for my TOM.

Bye for now.

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