Sunday 30 August 2009

Watching and Waiting

This is the waiting bit......... TOM was due on 27th August. No show. But lots of symptoms.

Had what I believe to be "implantation spotting" on 26th August. Did a HPT on evening of Thursday 27th August = negative! Meant then to wait 5-7 days, but as I was already overdue, I did another on Saturday morning, telling myself that because this was clear blue versus a cheap one it would work, but still negative. Convinced myself that if I did a different brand on Sunday morning I would get a positive result. Well today is Sunday 30th August and got my 3rd negative HPT. 3 different brands.......

The 3 brands I have tried. Thursday evening was Reveal. Saturday morning was Clearblue digital, and Sunday morning (today) was SureSign (which says on the packet: use as early as 4 days before your period is due!)
BUT still no Aunt Flow, and still feeling symptoms, including the fatigue that they all talk about - I slept for 15 hours last night. My period is never late (for 25 years)....... and the only time it was, was in May, when I had what they call an "implantation failure". Then my period was 8 days late and triple the heaviness it would normally be.

Anyway, I am calling this blog "new mum" as I am confident that I am. How confident? Well I am on tender hooks......

A lot of web forums say that if you ovulated late in your cycle (which I think I did), it can take up to a week after a missed period to get a positive HPT, so hence the title of this post. I am watching and waiting.

This was the most helpful forum chat I found, but as you can see it does not reach a conclusion despite being from 2008. I wish people would go back to the thread and say what the result was, because it is now like they are watching and waiting like me, when I know that they can't be a year later. I will have a look around the website and see if I can find out what happened to them.

Anyway, fingers crossed for me for now.
Please baby arrive.



  1. how lovely to see the full circle and how you got there xxx alysonsblog

  2. Must seem like a long long way away now. And you didn’t crumble through it all. How do you feel reading this again I wonder.

  3. Gosh, I just wouldn't have had the nerve to blog at this point. How brave of you.

  4. Such a brave post. Over from HerMelness :)

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