Saturday 3 October 2009

This Week

Hi, just an update, so this can be like a diary.

So Sunday night I told my Mum on the phone (she's known since April I was TTC).

Her reaction was like "great" "let's get this 11 weeks out of the way first" and it was like she was saying she wouldn't be excited till I was safe.

Spoke to her again Monday night and she sounded more excited (like it was starting to sink in) and I told her I had booked GP appointment for 7 p.m. Tuesday night (they do evening surgery for people who work full time).  Strange thing was she said okay I will speak to you later in the week, Thursday or Friday..... I got off the phone and I was like how come she doesn't want to ring Tuesday night to see how my appointment went.....

Anyway, I was only back from the Doc's about half an hour on Tuesday night, when she rang.  I said "Hi Mum, how are you?" to which she said "never mind me, how are YOU?".

So she must have got off the phone Monday and thought the same thing as me ;-)

So she wanted to hear everything about the Dr's appointment and was just as disgusted as me, at some of the things the Doc said.  Like she worked my due date out to be 8th May, when it is really 8th June, because she did it on her fingers.......... and seemed shocked I had done it on the internet.

Also I saw 8th May on the computer screen just by chance given that my eyesight is bad.  I think what she was typing up, should have to be printed and signed by the expectant mother (to verify the information) before it is sent to the hospital.

She weighed me and took my blood pressure.

I told Dr how my Mum had reacted about the safe 11 weeks, and she said why would she react like that, to which I said "everyone says there is a high chance of mc in the first 11 weeks" to which Dr said "who is everyone".  Left me thinking "where has she been".  Anyway I tried to explain it is what everyone says and Dr said "there is no statistical evidence for that".  So I get home and Google it, and the chances ARE indeed high and it is on every website, Bupa, NHS etc..............  Oh that Dr so didn't leave me with faith in her knowledge.

I told her I would like to book antenatal appointments as a midwife friend had told me they get fully booked, to which she was so so so dismissive........

She told me all my midwife appointments will be in the surgery.  Was a little disappointed by that, as my Aunt was a community midwife in the UK for 20 years, but moved to Ireland in 2001.  What's happened to community midwives in this area, if I always have to meet them in the surgery?

Also, she said nothing will happen now, till I get a letter about my 1st scan which she said could be anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks.  There on the spot I had to choose out of 2 hospitals, so that she could send the paperwork to the chosen one.  She said the 5 blood tests (or 1 test with 5 bottles) will be done on same day as scan, so she said plan to be in the hospital for quite some time.

In Europe apparently, they monitor you closely from when you have your 1st GP appointment.

Thank God for the internet, which is a wealth of information.

Anyway what has been good about this week, is that my Mum's reactions warmed up, Monday on Sunday and then again on Tuesday.  And on Tuesday, at the end of the call, she said I can hear you yawning so I will let you go to bed.  She then said "good night to you and the little lady".  That just made my heart MELT.  And now me and Zoe at work, keep calling my bump the "little lady".

Oh and MORE amazingly, in that same Tuesday conversation (29th Sept), she said during the call, "I have decided you are having a little girl" to which I said, MUM, I haven't told you yet, what my physchic aunt told me in July.  In July she said I would be pregnant before the end of the year, and that it would be a girl.  Mum didn't know that, yet she said "I have decided"  what a funny way of wording it LOL.

Went to visit Anna from work on Wednesday night and she is on maternity leave with Alexandra who is 7 weeks old, and she ALSO said I am having a girl.

My Aunt also said she used to be a sister of mine in a previous life.  If you are reading this and you don't believe in reincarnation, sorry.

Mum referring to her as the little lady really melted my heart and put tears in my eyes.

The other amazing things this week are that my husband talked to the bump every evening for 3 days in a row.  And one evening he was saying "I know you are going to be a wise soul, who is wiser than her years, and you will show Mummy and Daddy a few things" and he told her "when you are born, shout shout shout, so  that the world knows that you are here".

So so so so cute.  I love my husband and my Mum so much.  And of course my little bloated bump....... which in 8 months will be My Lottie.

Liska xxxxxxx

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