Saturday 17 October 2009

Disappointing date for 1st Scan

I Have never been so gutted in my life. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for the hospital to write to me, and 2 envelopes arrived today. I was so excited you'd think I'd won the lottery, until I opened them 

One was the letter (in an NHS envelope) telling me I have an "Outpatient Referral Obstetrics - antenatal appointment" on............... Thursday 10th December........... Hear me say wwwwwhhhhhhhaaaattttttttttt

I went to my GP on Tuesday 29th September, and have been waiting for them to write to me ever since then. She had said to me that nothing would happen until my scan, and said it would be in a window of 8-13 weeks (even though we all refer to it as an 11 week scan).  I was already GUTTED that she did not mention the 8 week booking in appointment with a midwife that most people get. Again, there is no mention of it in this correspondence. It must have been done away with in my area?  (No, I have checked on the hospital's website and it is meant to happen at 10 weeks, so they have 3 weeks left to get it in the diary......... I WILL ring them Monday, about wanting my 10 week booking in appointment AND the unacceptable date of my scan).

What really saddens me, is that I had a cycle length of 32 days, so technically I found out a week early that I was pregnant and then went Doc's immediately, so I naively thought I would be in the earlier part of that 8-13 week window, but had set myself the deadline in my mind of 23rd November (when we would tell my husband's family). Not an unrealistic deadline given that by 23rd Nov I will be 12 weeks.

What I am gutted about is that by 10th December when they have my appointment booked for, I will be 14 weeks and 4 days!!!!

So, so much for their 8-13 week window?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And especially given that I found out so so so so early. Started getting symptoms within a week of conceiving. Used an early HPT, and high-tailed it to the GP so quickly.

I had planned to tell my husband's family, my family in Ireland, and work, in November.

So now, I either go to an early pregnancy centre, and try and get a scan like my friend did, or pay £100 like a different friend did, or ring them on Monday and ask them WHAT is going on.

Got two piece of correspondence today. 1 was the single page letter in an NHS envelope, about the appointment and the other was a pack with 2 booklets: (1) "Your antenatal maternity guide 2008-2009" and (2) screening tests for you and your baby.

I so wish all of this had arrived on a week day so that I could ring them. Waiting till Monday is gonna be so so so hard.

Funny, after TTC since April, and being so so so excited when I got my BFP, the GP appointment was a disappointment, and now, so is this.

I hope someone out there reading this will have some experiences that make me realise this is normal.

Lots of love, Liska xxxxxxxx

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