Friday 27 November 2009

Booking In Appointment...

... is on Monday 30th November...... with Midwife.  Not looking forward to it as I know my "bloods" will be done.  Will need to squeeze hubby's hand good and tight!

Then 20 week scan at 18th January.  Gosh at this rate the 9 months will tick tick tick away with milestone dates.

Don't want it to go too fast.

Well as of today my jeans are still fitting.

Wonder when I will need maternity clothes?

Baby is still based below the belly button at this stage, so it'll be after Xmas when it is at the level of the belly button... that's when the fun'll start :-)

I felt dizzy before teaching yoga tonight but THANK GOD the class within a few minutes in, got rid of it.

Liska xxx

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