Sunday 8 November 2009

From Party Animal to Party Pooper

I was out last night, on a medieval banquet dinner with entertainment.  There was free white, and red wine and free beer, all night, unlimited, and I drunk water and orange juice all night.  We even had 2 bottles of champagne and I did not touch a drop!

Don't get me wrong I still had a good time, but it is such a new me.  To watch people drink and not drink myself.......! The xmas party is going to be so so so so so odd! And trying to dance when sober OH DEAR...... There was a disco after the banquet, and I did that frozen side to side step dancing people who can't dance do.... OH DEAR! So so so not me!

Anyway, I wouldn't pour a whole load of alcohol down on my precious bump so I did the right thing.

Scan is in a week and a half and I can't wait.

Last few weeks I have only had a bump in the evenings when bloated.  Get the bloatedness only in the evening for some reason.  During the day my jeans zip up, no problem.  BUT I noticed today that the bump is getting a little defined.  Husband noticed too.

Still having to eat immediately when hungry.  I only get nausea when hungry.  I am so so blessed as I know eating is a simple solution, and some poor people get it all day, with nothing helping.  So I am 100% grateful, that eating is the answer.  And it has to be a full meal too.  Can't just be a sandwich for example.

Really consistently spending a lot less time on the internet.  Since pregnant it just does not have the same appeal.  Just like being mellow and reading or lounging or sleeping :-)

Can't think of anything else to say really.  Oh except that I am now 10 weeks pregnant.

Bye for now.

Liska xx

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