Sunday 1 November 2009

Been too long

I can't believe how long I leave it between posts.  This was meant to double up as a Pregnancy Diary that I could look back on BUT ever since I have been pregnant I don't like going on the computer.  Just the thought of doing so makes me feel ill.  My meta-physical way of interpreting it, is that when I was TTC I was looking outside myself (for solutions) hence regular visits to the World Wide Web, BUT being pregnant feels like a very inward journey, where I want to be mellow, and silent and meditative and go within, to grow my baby.

Hence, going on the internet just doesn't have the same appeal any longer.

So far, I only feel sick when I am hungry, but it is such a strong feeling that I have to eat within 15 minutes of feeling like that.  Breakfast (more than 1) lunch (a substantial one) and dinner have now taken on a whole new emphasis.

Husband collected me from yoga on Friday (I teach every Friday - been 5 years now) and we drove to a restaurant.  I hadn't eaten since lunch.  Anyway, we got lost due to a woman acting irrationally on the road and confusing us.  By the time I got to the restaurant I wanted to eat my arm, and didn't want to wait to order and then wait for the food to arrive, so we had to order some instant prawn crackers that I could nibble on while waiting for starter and main meal..........

Saturday morning I had 2 slices of white toast and it did not get rid of the sick feeling, so I had 2 more and it still didn't.  Then I realised it was because white bread is just not wholesome enough.  When we went food shopping yesterday I bought a really seedy brown loaf and having THAT this morning DID do the trick.

We went out for lunch yesterday and lunch didn't hit the spot so I had to call the waitress back and order a side of green breans....... nutrition is key at moment and without it my body is just not satisfied......  All this healthy eating is making me lose weight, even my yoga students noticed and at a time when I am meant to be gaining weight....

I have been up since 830 today but only sitting on sofa watching TV.  Not even washed or dressed yet.  It's now 1139 and for some reason husband still asleep when he does not normally sleep in.

Anyway time now to watch the rest of Hollyoaks.......

Can't wait for the scan on 19th November.  Counting the days till we see our little miracle.

Liska xxxxxxx

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