Saturday 20 March 2010

MBTs will save your pregnant back - walk to health in pregnancy

MBTs are saving my pregnant back.

A long time ago I read this, which says how MBTs can rid you of back pain during pregnancy.

How very very true it is.

I have worm MBTs every day for 4 and a half years and am now nearly 7 months pregnant and not a bit of back pain in sight.

My yoga book tells me how to stand and walk when pregnant and it is the position that the MBTs put me in, so job done.

I am finding that the classic sole is better than the lower sole, i.e. when I wear my Chapas, I am even happier than wearing my Tatagas, but that may just be because when I was in my Tatagas (today) I was on my feet all day at the Vitality Show.

I will write more on this subject (of MBTs in pregnancy) soon, but to bed I go now,

Lisa xx

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