Sunday 2 May 2010

Natural birth. Water Birth.


Can't believe it has been so so long since I have been on here, but pregnancy distanced me from the internet.  Made me more inward.  And coming home and going on the internet after a day's work needs one to be outward which I just haven't been.  I know I'll regret it as this hasn't been the diary I would have hoped, but I have had a great pregnancy and that's all I asked for.

So, the updates:

  • baby moves a lot now.  He definitely has a little personality which I feel already.
  • He is measuring big.  At 34 weeks (a few days ago) he was measuring 36.  That's not a measurement of him, but rather from top to bottom of bump.
  • Despite having a great pregnancy (no morning sickness, no gestational diabetes, no low iron, no high blood pressure, no swollen ankles and no back pain) in the last 9 days I have been limping due to baby pressing on a sciatic nerve.  The pain, deep deep in my left butt cheek has been excruciating.  Twice this week I had to get a cab home from work, which is NOT like me.  Also I had to ask to work from home on Thursday, which is even more NOT like me, AT ALL.
  • Anyway.... here's for the good news.  On Wednesday we booked into a Birth Centre.  We had a tour of it and it completely blew me away....... I cried!
  • As a result of that, they booked us into an Active Birth workshop which was yesterday 1st May.
  • Me and hubby both went and although it wasn't as spiritual as I would have hoped, the highlight was that a lady, who'd had a water birth only 5 hours before, came into the room and spoke to us.  She looked radiant and so did her baby.  Talking to her fired me and hubby up - we were both on a high afterwards... so now when we think of labour we think of a beautiful birth centre, and a beautiful experience.... lots and lots of positive mental associations, which will really help to battle any fear that comes up.
  • Also, the vibes I get from bump, are that he will help me too.  He knows he needs to step up, and do his bit in getting out :-)
  • We both definitely want a water birth.  They showed us a video in the workshop which was not great at all, but luckily last year, in my Pregnancy Yoga course, I had already watched a much better one which showed about 8 water births, plus just now I watched one online.  So I know what a great experience they can be :-)
  • I am not phased by the fact that he is measuring large.  For some reason I am feeling positive.
My focus now is really on handing over at work.  My maternity cover starts on Tuesday 4th May and I really want to catch up on my work, clear my clutter and do a decent handover.  I haven't focussed on myself January to April (due to restructures at work) but REALLY need to now.

Anyway, bye for now, Liska xxxxxxxx

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