Monday 29 November 2010



Point 18, from my earlier post...

So from the day we got home, Aaron was straight in his cot; no moses basket for us.  And thank God I didn't buy one... He was so large (9 lbs 10 oz at birth) the moses basket would have lasted days or no more than weeks....

So we arrived back from hospital, put him in his cot and he slept for HOURS - he was at home... both in body and mind.  See pic, which was taken on THE DAY He arrived home from hospital:

I had been in hospital for a week, so I think both swaddles were in the wash (the 2 you see pictured below), so in the photo I simply used a blanket and swaddled old style.  In the next photo I will show you what I did everyday after that... i.e. cotton swaddle blanket (i.e. shaped for swaddling) plus surrounded in the above blanket rolled into a sausage for added comfort and the snug factor... :-)  The right hand side of the sausage is under his shoulder to elevate one side as I was paranoid about him choking on reflux (or whatever you call that stuff)... being a new Mum, you're always extra worried...  I put that sausage round him for every sleep - didn't matter if it was day or night, and he would stay as neat as that for hours until he'd wake and then start kicking everything :-)

I had two swaddle blankets, both cotton, both light and ideal for my Summer baby.  They were both from the gro company famous for their Gro Bags.  The design above is called Grand Day Out.  Edit: that was 2010 and they now no longer stock it, current range of swaddles is here: Gro Store Swaddles.

I think I swaddled Aaron right up to about 14 weeks.  He just didn't sleep as well without...

I never ever swaddled him till he was ALREADY asleep... I have never understood Mums who say they swaddled the baby and then he fell asleep - that would not work with Aaron, as he would kick his way out of it.

That's how you'd know he was awake in the morning, he'd be there with this look of complete satisfaction on his face, having successfully kicked his legs out :-)

Now, on 2nd December I am adding to this post with a photo to show that I swaddled Aaron in hospital toooooo. This is the other of the 2 Gro swaddle blankets I had:

Bye for now, Liska xx


  1. Liska, thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello. Congrats on being a new mom. Aaron is beautiful. I never had any little ones, so I will live vicariously through you and he will have yet another virtual Auntie. Congrats again.

  2. Awwwww! I just LOVE swaddled newborns - he looks so adorable I can barely stand it!! My youngest (now 3 months) loved being swaddled - the tighter the better - but my eldest hated it and would fight her way out until she had burst free, LOL!! Thanks for popping on to Mummy's Little Monkey - you should come back in the New Year and add your lovely blog to my weekly Blog Hop 'Blow Your Own Blog-Horn'. It goes up every Friday.
    Hope you have a fantastic first Christmas together. :)

  3. I am a firm believer in swaddling too, only difference for me was that I did swaddle Erin before she was asleep. In fact she was nearly always swaddled as she loved it so much.. Until she found her fingers to suck!!

    Found your blog through the Blow your own horn.


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