Sunday 28 November 2010

I use a Moby Wrap

Now onto point 13 from my earlier post.

So...... I have a Moby Wrap and have used it since day one.  At the beginning you simply do the Newborn hug hold, where the legs are in lotus, where his feet are tucked up inside like a little frog.  He used to go to sleep within seconds of me putting him into this.  Or you can do the cradle hold (which I only did once to be honest).  Both of those holds are shown on this You Tube instructions video.

THEN, you move onto the legs out stage... which you do not do at a certain weight, rather... when they start to kick out of the earlier tie.  I was out shopping one day and when he woke up, he was kicking to get out.  I said Mum, when we get home, I need to read the instructions and work out how to tie it, so that his legs are out.  I was so nervous about it BUT it was easy.  The legs out stage is very well demostrated on this You Tube instructions video.  I agree with this lady on two counts (1) I also put the arms and head in when he falls asleep (2) I also can have him in there for 1-2 hours without my back feeling any strain.  Went on a one hour walk and felt like I could do it again.  The Moby Wrap really does distribute the weight all over the body so that no one part takes all the strain - in fact, what strain?!?!?!

You can do so many things around the house while your little one is in there, if they're in a mood where they are demanding to be carried.

If you are not yet convinced, read 10 reasons to Wear Your Baby.

Anyway, to brighten up this post, here is a picture of us with our wrap (Newborn hug hold):

Liska xxx

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