Monday 29 November 2010

This is Aaron's arm chair

There were too many baby seats to choose between when Aaron was born, so I am so glad that his Dad went out and bought it.

When I was little they were all those wire sprung ones, but I am so glad that they are more solid now, as he is now 5 months and still fits in it comfortably.

He sits in there quite happily chewing on teething toys and can do that for as long as it takes me to wash dishes, so it is quite handy.

As you can see, the brand is Koochi... don't really know anything about them.  He got it in Argos.

I have blogged a little tooooo much in the last 24 hours... I know I am making up for not blogging since June (since before Aaron was born) but I think I have overdone it now... so the computer is going off for tonight.

Night night... right now Aaron is in his Fisherprice Jumperoo which he LOVES.

Liska xx

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