Tuesday 30 November 2010

It's cold on this the last day of November 2010

Thank God for British Gas Homecare.  Our bathroom radiator was leaking and would have taken the pressure out of the whole system... we'd have been very cold given that it's snowing.

With a 5 month old that's not funny.

But our British Gas engineer came to the rescue.

An advert that is true for a change!!!

Telephoned them at about 12:45 midday and the engineer was here by 14:00 and stayed till 15:14. He replaced washers in the radiator valve.... bled the whole system... and of course I made him a coffee, which he enjoyed.  He was a very nice chap, and didn't act stressed even though their workload today must be severe...

Oh, and hubby's (helpful NOT!) words before departing for work were: "call a plumber!"...
Yeah right... that would have got me far on the coldest day of the year so far, and would have cost the earth!!!!  I'd still be waiting now I reckon.  So... thank you British Gas... I pay for you every month and haven't used you in at least 2 years but you have made up for it now :-)

Liska xxx

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