Wednesday 15 December 2010

Busy weekend - cheap baby Xmas gift - and 6 months today


Haven't blogged much this weekend as my Mum was over from Ireland Thursday through Tuesday.

She looked after Aaron when I went to my work Xmas party on Friday night.

This was Aaron Friday afternoon when I went to the hairdressers:

Mum resorted to pushing him up and down in the pushchair to get him to sleep as she could not do the 2 things I do.  (1) put him to sleep in the wrap (sling) or (2) put him to sleep by breastfeeding him.

Thought it was a good idea and to make it snuggly I wrapped him in the Suse's Kinder Wrap (that I have previously blogged about).

We spent the whole of Saturday at Sandra's house.  This was me in my Lindam Door Bouncer at Sandra's:

While we were at Sandra's Aaron got Xmas presents from Rhona and Sandra.

The socks from Rhona were a HUGE hit - they rattle! So Aaron now kicks and kicks and kicks and gets rewarded with sound - he LOVES them.

See pic below (I would say they are the best cheap baby Xmas gift ever... they are from BHS and he is getting so so so much enjoyment from them):

On the label it says "bambini 1 pair rattle socks"... click on:
bhs website
Socks that RATTLE from BHS

We are tentatively doing the baby led weaning, and below is a picture of Aaron with his first solid - a carrot!

We have a bedside cot, and Mummy wanted to take a photo of the view she has of me.  Below is a picture of how she sees me through the bars:

Tomorrow I will post pictures of our Xmas decorations.
By the way, Aaron's 6 months today.
Liska xxx

P.S. (I am adding this P.S. on 17th December.... I hereby say if I ever do a product giveaway on this blog, feel free to shoot me.... that is NOT what this blog is for......... I hope I never eat my words on this one)


  1. Rattle Socks! How fab is that? Just poppin in to let you know that I linked to your blog in my current "Let's lose weight" post. Hope you don't mind. Merry Christmas!

  2. Busy weekend! We have the Lindam door bouncer too - it's fab!

  3. couldn't live without that and the jumperoo

  4. Love these - just ordered two pairs of the Cow rattle socks for my little one!!! x


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