Saturday 18 December 2010

Baby's First Christmas


I promised a few days ago to post pictures of decorations...

This is our sitting room window although the reflection of the TV spoils it:

This is our nativity set on top of the cable TV box on top of the TV:

This is our tree which I am so so so happy with.  I put less on it and it's the best it's ever looked:

This is my most recent most favourite photo of my first baby whose first xmas it is:

Please click here to see my Santa Baby.

Auntie Susan thank you so much for the post you did.

And I forgot.... this is the card my Mum got Aaron.  I LOVE IT:

 And this is the Suse's Kinder Baby Wrap Blanket again.  It is so versatile it works in the chair tooooo:


All of the above was written late Friday night (after midnight hence the date of Saturday) BUT this morning I awoke to SNOW and heavy snow by London standards.... We had a shower of icing sugar dusting snow Thursday and Friday - nothing compared to THIS:

Bush in our front garden

How different does this window scene look now?

Alot of snow by London standards...

close up of the bush in our front garden to show the inches...

Liska xx


  1. First of all, congrats on the new little cutie! He is very sweet looking and will give you years of pleasure...despite it all!
    I like the location of your manger scene...I might try that, since it is the only spot my cats do not visit! The decorations are most attractive.
    I hope you are not having to deal with too much snow...some is good and pretty (and I miss that first smooth white hour before it is marked up), but having to deal with travelling over the holidays can be a problem. So, if you have snow there right now --I send wishes for safety and ease of travel...Aaron needs his folks!
    Love that blanket thingie Aaron is wrapped in --it would also be just the thing (appropriately sized of course)for older folks in the winter!
    (By the way, I remember Auntie Susan's first Christmas and as I was five years older, I can recall that I had asked for a puppy for my birthday and gotten Susan five days later, so at Christmas I was afraid to ask for anything for fear of getting another sister! I got a dollhouse that year and so I relaxed a bit!)
    Tell your Mum that the card is way cute.
    Merry Christmas over there!

  2. Peri, I don't know how to reply to you so will do so here and on your sister's blog. Thanks so much for your comments. I will update my post to show the snow.

    Let me know how you get on with the nativity relocation :-)

    We got the heavy snow this morning after I wrote the above post (although it is dated Saturday I wrote it after midnight Friday night), and woke up to the snow this morning...

    Liska x

  3. I have now included pics of the snow above

  4. Liska, what a difference a few hours make. Your window scene now looks like a Christmas card. Stay safe and warm and enjoy the snow!

  5. so pretty! i wish our snow was real! and more importantly, i wish i was in london! my favorite place on earth. :)


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