Monday 20 December 2010

VERY impressed


There's nothing but doom and gloom on TV... travel chaos, snow madness and backed-up deliveries....

BUT it aint all bad!  I did a BHS order for all of the gifts for my nieces on Friday and it all arrived today.

I am so happy... as much as I watch the news I hadn't heard about the delivery problems (on Friday morning... have since!)... so when I placed the order hubby was like "are you mad"... it won't arrive before Xmas....

Well either I have a courier angel or he was wrong :-)

I am not a typical online shopper so what brought me to get all my nieces gifts there?  Well it's a cute story and as with most things nowadays, revolves around my son, my wee 6 month old.

I blogged the other day to rave about the rattle socks that Rhona gave Aaron for Xmas.  He gets so much joy out of them.... so knowing that going down Oxford Street with a 6 month old would be suicide at this time of year, I went online....

And oh dear I found out there were 4 types and ended up buying them all.... why? because he LOVES them and because I haven't a clue what to get him for Xmas.

So here is the picture I have just taken of all 4 types - like a pack of cards I now have the full "deck" :-)

BHS rattle socks
So the hippo on the far right we already had, so I bought those in a bigger size for my niece, hence the label size above.  Forgive the photo, but I took it myself (and those below).  I always enjoy reading blogs with original and not stock photos.

They are £5 each but Aaron just loves kicking his feet and hearing them, and I get joy out of seeing
him happy.

A baby's gift does not need to be expensive to be fun... after all we all know that babies love playing with the packaging.

Oh and this is just 2 of the things I got for the girls:

Pillow PJ case (huge and lush quality)
weekend bag (she goes to Kent alot)

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Liska xxx


  1. hi there, I am also a first time mummy. My daughter is 15months now. Me too blog about baby after becoming a mom :)
    Do feel free to visit my blog if you have time :)

  2. Lovely blog, glad your parcels arrived safe and well, all my deliveries have been delivered on time too, although I decided to stop any ordering long before Friday :)
    Please feel free to pop over to my blog, although my three children are all older than your little boy :D

  3. I replied back to your car-seat worries on my CARES post x

  4. I love the rattle socks - wish I had seen them for my little one :)

  5. Hey Jenny it's not too late. I got the hippo ones he already has again but in size 12-24 m for my niece.

    You know if Rhona hadn't got them for him I would never have heard of them. The ONLY thing he loves as much is his Sophie la Girafe oh and his jumperoo.

    Liska x


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