Monday 31 January 2011

Grown up - in shirts - in Ireland


Just a couple of snaps from Ireland, to show Aaron's fashion and how grown up he can look in a shirt.

So, this photo has a shirt from Primark, jeans from Primark, and on top (for the style factor) a Marks and Spencers jumper (Autograph no less)... (click through to see it)
This photo shows the shirt that is under the jumper in the first photo...
The next day Aaron wore the same jeans (no accidents the day before) and wore them with a top that is top and tailed with a collar, shirt bottom and cuffs... seemed such a shame after the day before where he had a real shirt on... but he looked good and I just love this brand = NAME IT.  They do beautiful baby clothes....

Will have to dig out some more nice photos of our Ireland trip.

Didn't hesitate...
... couldn't resist and am adding this photo of Aaron with his Great Grandmother...

Bye for now, Liska xxx

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