Monday 31 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I have been awarded a Stylish blogger award by Cherished By Me.  Thanks so much.  Much appreciated.

Great to come back to the UK and my computer to receive that...

The Rules
  • Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award - DONE
  • Share 7 things about yourself - hhhhmmm will try below...
  • Award 15 recently discovered bloggers - will have to remember my favourites...
  • Tell the 15 bloggers you have given them an award... that'll take a while...
 So... 7 things about me... hhhhhmmmm:
  1. I have a complex about being honest.  I find it nearly impossible to lie, and draw the line at white lies which I even find hard.
  2. I was a workaholic till I had Aaron and now I have entered a new world.
  3. I have learned how to compromise... C-section instead of water-birth... pushchair as well as sling, bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding... discovering that what is best for baby is what matters and my feelings have to take a back seat, or move to the passenger seat.
  4. I firmly consider myself Irish even though I was born in the UK.
  5. I watch TV far too much.
  6. Me and Aaron usually get up at 10 which I know is far too late.  Tut tut I hear...
  7. When  I blog, I spend too many hours doing so...
So now to mention 15 bloggers that I want to award:
  1. A walk in the Park with Susan.  My favourite blogger.
  2. Pyjammy's Blog.  My favourite baby blog.
  3. Baby Edward's blog.  My fellow Londoner, and Irish mother.
  4. The Mid 30s Life.  Straight talking Ozzie blogger and Mum. 
  5. Mummy Squared.  A refreshingly honest Mummy blog. And Granny writes on there tooooo.
  6. Diary of a First Child.  Great website and blog!
  7. McKinley photography.  Superb photographer.
  8. Moments to Treasure. Sarah's very pretty blog.
  9. Mummy's Little Monkey.  Great blog.
  10. Transatlantic Blog.  Very informative.
  11. Sarah Mum of 3.  Sarah's other blog.
  12. Skinny Latte.  Great non-baby blog. Always something inspirational here, even if it's a recipe etc...
  13. Setting Her Free.  Heather is one of my favourite weight loss bloggers (also blogs about real life... her wedding etc...)
  14. The Baby Bubble.
  15. Jo-Jo's So Called Life.
Finally finished - phew!

Liska x


    1. Thanks for tagging us:

    2. Thank you Missy. I am the worst on passing these on, but I'll do my best. You are so sweet to think of me. Have a great week. xoxo

    3. Don't feel obliged to sweetheart x

    4. thanks sooo much for awarding me - twice!! :D
      I will sort this out and get on top of my blogs as soon as my thorn is well and truely stomped on ;)
      thanks very much tho you made me smile in the chaos that seems to be everywhere at the mo

    5. A belated Happy Birthday and thanks for doing it! :)
      I miss those late mornings that you get with your first. My son and I slept about half his first three years away. We'd often go back to bed in the afternoon for 2 hours and then he'd be back in bed at 7...oh those were the days. ;0)

    6. Hiya CBM and thanks...

      Wow you're the first Mum I have met that has said that... everyone I know gets up early and thinks I am weird...

      ... oh except I have a friend Angie that stayed in bed till 10 with her wee boy.

      Liska x

    7. Liska thank you so much, that's very kind.

      And I am so impressed you two get up at 10am. No tu-tutting from me!


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