Saturday 19 February 2011

2 wishes


Let me get these 2 wishes out of my head and down on blog "paper".

Wish 1.
I would love, simply love, a Cybermummy 2011 sponsor.  Guidelines of what I could do are here.

I live in London so would not require travel or accommodation.  Simply the £100 entry fee.  Contact me by leaving a comment and we can discuss what I can do for you on my blog.

Wish 2.
and I would love a company to send me a pushchair to review, suitable for an 8 month old boy.

I know in the blogging world they are two pretty demanding asks, but I believe in cosmic ordering so just wanted to get those wishes "out there".

Here's hoping,

Liska x


  1. Next week Graco are releasing details of their new ambassador competition. I won their last one and got £500, my Cybermummy ticket and two pushchairs! Give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter and give it a go!! xxx

  2. hope you get your wishes, Fingers crossed for you x

  3. Thanks Sian. I can't find your blog so will say thank you here if that's okay xx


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