Saturday 19 February 2011

Flashback Friday


This is my first attempt at Flashback Friday and I found out about it at  (thank you)

Flashback Friday is hosted by the lovely Karin at Cafe Bebe.

Well this photo is actually a year ago tomorrow, but it's as close as I could get.

My bump was looking particularly big, even though my due date was in June.

So this is 20th February 2010:

Oh and to get older still and introduce a bit of mood inducing black and white here is a photo of my Father-in-Law.

I post it for several reasons (1) because he passed away a few years back and I miss him (2) it was his birthday on Valentine's Day and (3) he would so so so love to have met our son, and had nagged us for years before we started trying for children.  It is my one regret that we didn't start while he was still alive, but I know they met in heaven and that he is looking down on us and his beautiful Grandson.

Here he is:

Bye for now,

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Liska xxx


  1. Hi Liska,

    Thanks very much for taking part. I do see the Flashback Friday badge on the post but I'm not sure why you couldn't see my images! I'm sorry! Refresh maybe?? Hopefully it will resolve itself!

    What a lovely belly you have and what a special photo of your father-in-law...I'm sure he's watching! ;)


  2. Fab photos! My stomach was like a road map with all the stretch marks so I don't have any bare belly shots. I do regret this now!

  3. What a great bump picture :)

    And what a super dedication for your father in law - he looks like a lovely man. I'm sure he is looking over you and your Son.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Fab bump picture, a very proud Mummy!
    Your father in law looks like a lovely man.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog and thank you for visiting mine x

  5. What a gorgeous belly! I loved being pregnant (all six times) and miss that lovely full roundness from time to time.

    Beautiful picture of your Father-in-Law. It really makes me want to dig out my old family photos. xx

  6. Fabulous baby belly Liska :) Great pic of your Father in Law too...I'm sure he is watching over you and his grandson. The other girl in my Flashback Friday picture was our eldest sister Carol who we totally adored. She died in 1995. She never met my three youngest children, but I know she's up there looking down as their proud Auntie! xxx

  7. I banned anyone from taking any pictures of me while I was pregnant and I really regret it now, I wish we had at least a couple, especially as I don't want any more kids.

  8. Fabulous bump photo! Your father in law looks very dapper in that photo :) I am sure he is looking down and watching over you all feeling very proud x

  9. Thank you for the suggestions! I think I will take part at least in one of them, maybe even both. :)

    Those are two great pictures and I like the thought about your FIL and your little boy having met before...


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