Wednesday 9 February 2011

24 hours - day in the life of Aaron


This week's Gallery post request is for photos of 24 hours.

Here is a little window into Aaron's life in the past 24 hours:

We combination feed as I don't produce enough milk (need to do a post about that)...

Don't take the decision not to breastfeed lightly... Why?

My life is defined by washing, sterilising and making bottles.  Here's some I made earlier (or rather, last night).
Okay, over to Aaron:

I should be in bed but I am playing with the remote control.
Mum went to a meeting with work, so Sandra looked after me.  She knows Mum breastfeeds me to sleep, so thought I might sleep better if the Moby Wrap (which smells of Mum ppeewwww) was draped around me while she pushed me round the park in the pushchair.  I loved sleeping in the outdoor air - been ages since I've done that.  I slept for ages zzzzzzzzzz
Mum needed some "down-time" after the meeting (whatever THAT means)...
 These biscuit wrappers are cooooooool!
Another one of Sandra's ideas... She told Mum yesterday that I am old enough to drink my bottle in the pushchair especially since I have been able to hold it myself since October (yes, I am a very clever boyyyyyyy).  I did this yesterday toooooooo
This was my empty bowl after my porridge (which is what Mum calls it even though technically it is Organix Baby rice)...

Yummy I love my porridge...
I was REALLY grizzly on the train home and Sandra and Mum didn't know what was wrong with me... doesn't help that I don't speak yet...

But as usual, Mum found a solution... she gave me a rice cake and I tucked in... bad mood forgotten.
Close up to me enjoying my rice cake... can't a man have some privacy?  God I hope it's not always like this. I may as well be famous the amount of photos she takes...
 Dangerous leaving me near the airer - I had a riot!
Sophie, help me spring out of this chair.  This strap seems to be what's keeping me here!
 Still trying to get out!
Every liberation has to be celebrated with a dance and a bounce :-)

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  1. Adorable photos :)

  2. Sounds like you had a busy day. Hope it went well at work - I'm not looking forward to my meeting at work (to ask for flexible working!).

  3. What a great post. Fabulous pictures!

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  5. I did and even went to the scents website where none came up when I clicked on browse and same on "buy"


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