Monday 7 February 2011

Happy to be back in MY high chair

Hi All

Gosh there are some horrid high chairs out there.

One of the highlights of coming back from Ireland was how happy Aaron was to be back in his.


  1. Hey Liska - he is such a cutie!! Have only just found your follow button BTW - thought I would let you know as i had to hunt for it - you might want to move it on up :)
    Are you on Twitter BTW?

  2. I haven't used it in over a year and even then it was short-lived...

    I could revive it I suppose, and work out what to do...

  3. We're the same when we get back from holiday - always happy to get back to our lovely Stokke!

    Get back on Twitter - it's where all the fun is :)

  4. What a little charmer you have - I see he's also a fan of Sophie The Giraffe (she's a favourite in our house too).

    Found you on BMB by the way - I'm also on Twitter (as of yesterday) @mothersright

  5. Best highchair in the world!! Go Ikea!!

    Take that, expensive, bells-and-whistles higchairs. x

  6. Oh mid life 30s... I am planning a looooonnnnng email about our Ikea high chair in the near future xxx

  7. I love the Ikea highchairs! But then I love anything Ikea related! We have a stokke and we love it!! :) x

  8. I think Ikea stuff is great and have quite a lot of it in my house. However, like several others we also have a Stokke Tripp Trap chair, which was quite expensive but great value for money as when the baby bar is removed even an adult can use it.

    Thanks for commenting on and following my blog, I'm also on Twitter as @mammacrazydude but haven't quite worked out what it's all about yet!


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