Sunday 6 February 2011

Ate a Jar and I liked it ....... !!!!!


Our brand choice for baby jars

Saying that (subject heading) feels like the equivalent of the song "I kissed a girl and I liked it"...

But seriously, Aaron is teething AND his appetite is therefore NOT what it once was...

He was hungry at 6 p.m. today so I tried to feed him the Organix Jar:

Organic Vegetable & Chicken Sunday Lunch.

He only had a few spoonfuls and started turning his head away.

I was just about to reach for the bottle... whisky? * No, of course not, those days are gone... Cow & Gate (I combination feed but he has breastfed loads today)...

Anyway just as I approached the steriliser I had a thought and I grabbed a pot of organic pear and apple... HE ATE THE LOT...

Then he just had half of his "bottle".

But it just proves they have a discerning palette these babies of ours...

So Organix hear here, Aaron does NOT like Organic Vegetable & Chicken Sunday Lunch **.

And I don't think it's just the teething... I genuinely think he doesn't like the thick potatoey texture as he loves the others.

We are huge Organix fans in this house.

No, I am NOT crawling... I know you have sponsored someone already... Just that we really are, and he loves the rice cakes tooooooooo.

I haven't got back to the reason for this post......... NOT wanting to waste a jar.... I ate it....

Is that terrible???? I know some people will be like yuk, but in my mind I wouldn't get Aaron to eat anything I am not prepared to eat myself... so there! After all it is not dog food, it is food for our nearest dearest and precious one... BUT LIKE AARON, I have tasted better *** ... sorry Organix.

* I have never been a whisky drinker (just sounded right)...  :-)
** I think he ate one in Ireland so maybe it's just a teething thang!
*** I know this goes against the subject heading but they are not a contradiction.  You can like something AND have tasted better.  Some of their other jars are truly scrumptious!

Liska x

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  1. My son was a strange one with the jars! If he liked one flavour he would have to stick with the brand it was from and wouldnt say have a organix chicken dinner when hes already tried a heinz one and liked it. Weird child, I blame the father!


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