Wednesday 2 February 2011

Bump - a YEAR ago... and my first Gallery post


Well over at Mummy Squared she's posted her bump a year ago...

I thought shall I do it???

Then decided if I can find a photo close to today's date....

well... this is 29th Jan 2010

Well, the whole reason for Mummy Squared's post was The Gallery, so back to that...

I have never participated but here goes.

I have spent ages going through my photos.  I nearly posted photos of bottles - I have three (1) photo of a bottle I expressed to document how little I got :-( (2) photo of all the clean bottles hanging in a row waiting to be sterilised and finally (3) a photo of 3 bottles in a row where Aaron left a few oz each time as he WAS getting some milk from me - hoooorrrah.  So life in the last 7 months has been bottle SHAPED...

But I decided against posting them.... so then I found photos of Aaron trying to climb out of his bouncer chair and what really stands out is the SHAPES on our tiled kitchen floor....  But again... decided against.

So here I am with what I picked... a pretty photo of the Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich... LOTS of beautiful SHAPES there... I personally took the photo on 17th October 2010...

Liska x

Harwich Electric Palace Cinema


  1. that cinema looks lovely.

  2. great bump and loving the look of pride! Thanks for the mention :) Mummy2

  3. found you via the gallery - and if Mummysquared says your OK - then you must be fab!

  4. ha ha ha ha - that made me laugh hee hee

  5. Lol...Love the bump! And the architecture of the cinema. Great entry!

  6. That's a lovely first post! ;o) Happy blogging!

  7. Lots of great shapes there; I love art deco buildings: beautiful! Your bump is a great shape too: great debut :)


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