Tuesday 1 February 2011



We are on the teething rollercoaster ride. Big time!

Aaron has TWO teeth coming up in his bottom gum, at the front, and so we are on non-stop calpol, interlaced with Provin (Ibuprofen) in between... Right now he is chewing a teething ring.  He also has an amber teething necklace.

We have the teething poos in abundance.  And the drooling for England and Ireland...
Means 4 bibs and 4 nappies in 4 hours...

He co-slept and breastfed through the night in December, due to a headcold... then same in Ireland due to a flu, and now same due to teething so he has been in the bed with me for weeks, and wakes every few hours or on the hour and in my sleep I breastfeed him back to sleep.

I do not know how I am going to wean him back into his cot............

The teeth are out only a fraction, so they are like two little slivers, and I feel them scratching me when he chews my finger.  When we left for Ireland they were two white dots, but they are now clearly starting to pierce through.

Liska xxx

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