Sunday 20 February 2011

Clap Clap


I got too involved in Memes and forgot to record the important things.

This is the first slightly hit and miss time that Aaron clapped...

He's been an expert since then and never misses and always claps on demand if Mummy just says :clap clap".

Video was taken on 3rd February.  So he was 12 days short of 8 months.

If I was still blogging in silence I would have posted this same day, but ever since I became part of the Mummy blogging community I got a little carried away... and started to forget to blog Aaron's development.

I was over the moon about the clapping on 3rd Feb till hubby said "he did that yesterday".... Well you didn't tell me did you!?!??!?!

And me and Mum were only trying every day in Ireland for 3 weeks to get him to clap.  Our investment paid off it looks like :-)

Liska x Proud Mummy x


  1. Awwwww!!!!! He is adorable...Clap, clap xxx

  2. Awww he's go gorgeous - and a clapping master xx

  3. Better late than never (blogging about it that is not Aaron clapping!)
    He is cute, reminded me of when Leo started clapping which was about the same age... I'm not 100% sure now :( I was soooo excited!

  4. Aw A master clapper indeed lovely cutie - and on the other upside its the one time in his life you can celebrate the clap! hurrah

  5. Oh my, he is just so adorable. A real sweetie. I look forward to learning more about you all and thank you for popping over to my blog, I am so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.

  6. Yeah, go Aaron! He is a clapping master! I'm the same with the forgetting though, I get so carried away with the memes that I forget my reason for blogging in the first place!

  7. Popping over from my blog. Your son is very cute!! (: x


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