Thursday 24 February 2011

Five things I want Aaron to know about Me

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Five things I want Aaron to know about Me
  1. I used to roller-skate.  It was a really big part of my childhood and I even did it competitively.  Yes, you can figure skate in roller-skates.  On days when public transport was thin on the ground, like Xmas Day, I would skate to your Dad's house.  That's the day they are referring to in the wedding speeches.  I even had a pair of Bauer Skates which trust me, were really cool.  I was brave back then and could even skate from the top of a hill to the bottom, no matter how steep.  I would simply crouch into a ball with my arms wrapped round my shins.
  2. At school I was a dork, one of those straight A-student types, but I was an all-rounder, good at sciences, art, maths, and english.... but I was hopeless at languages, and geography and history, so I just didn't pursue those subjects to GCSE or A-level, although sadly French was compulsory so that was my one "C".  I won't be a pushy Mum.  Your Daddy and I have always said we'd support you in whatever direction you wish to go.
  3. I was very very very very scared of giving birth.  If it wasn't for that, we may have had you much much much sooner.  But you are here now and I couldn't possibly love you any more.  You are so precious to me it hurts when I think about it.  You are such a bundle of joy and such a happy contented adorable baby.  I could eat you!
  4. Making sure you are safe, healthy and happy is my number one priority.  Nothing gets in the way of that.  I am like a Lioness.  Do anything that jeopardizes Aaron and you have my wrath to contend with.  
  5. I want you to know that I photograph nearly everything you do, because I want to record every special moment.  One day, I want you to see what I see.  In fact, you already do.  You smile from ear to ear when you see a picture of yourself on my laptop.  I want you to know that these photos mean you are loved and that every moment is joyful, treasured and reflected upon.
your Mum


  1. Very sweet! I love taking photos of everything too. I think it shows that we just want to treasure every single moment because it all goes so quick!

  2. ahhh, I have one of these posts going up tomorrow. It is a lovely prompt. I also take photos of eveyr tiny thing. Now my youngest are 3.5 years and they adore looking through my albums. Mich x

  3. That's lovely Liska. Love the mental image of you skating down a hill! xxx

  4. It's so easy to take pictures of everything they do, isn't it? And he is soooooooo cute ;-)

  5. Lovely stuff Liska. I also take photos of everything - I have a private online album of all my daughters pics all in albums etc. for her to view when she's old enough. xxx

  6. Feel a bit teary reading this, especially your last sentence. Lovely. xx


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