Thursday 24 February 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3


Here goes:
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  1. I am really starting to feel a connection with some of the bloggers whose blogs I read.  There are some lovely, wonderful people out there, and I wish I could hug them all.  I would love to list them here with a connection to all of their blogs, but I'd be too scared that I'd miss someone out.  To brainstorm and include everyone, and all their links would take quite some time and I am on a mission to spend less time on this computer... Cybermummy is SUCH a good idea, as we get to meet...... if I go..... still undecided...  Whether I go or not, I know there'll be lots of hugging and laughing going on that day.
  2. Me and hubby have been getting on really well since Valentine's Day.  I know alot of people think it is purely a commercial thing, but it has been wonderful for us this year.  For the last few months we hadn't been getting on, as he'd make a lot of flippant comments that I'd really take to heart.  He'd have had a hard day and me likewise and we were on two different paths... but now, I feel we are together again, on the same journey and I am so glad, and so happy.  It definitely deserves a place in Reasons to be Cheerful.  I didn't rush to do a Valentine's post with a picture of the flowers and card he gave me, as I thought it was short-lived but things have stayed consistent, and he is making lunch or dinner frequently and helping with washing bottles and looking after Aaron.  I feel blessed.  And Aaron smiles from ear to ear when he sees Mummy and Daddy kiss and cuddle.
  3. I was terrified of writing my first proper product review but I have done it and enjoyed it.  STÉRIMAR Baby.  I know it's a little long, but there were several points I wanted to cover.  It is so nice that the first one I have done is for a really good product that I do believe in. I'd hate to pretend I like a product (which I would never do), and I'd equally hate to have to tell a company what's wrong with a product (which I guess one day I will have to do).  I also really enjoyed my posts on Tesco, especially the 2nd one, as I wrote and wrote and wrote uninhibited and I didn't care what I sounded like.  No attempt at being a writer (I'm not), just pure verbal blah as I got my thoughts on paper.  I enjoyed it.  That freedom of writing as if I am talking to myself, and of course recording Aaron's special moments, is what I started this blog for.
This, Reasons to be Cheerful, is my favourite meme, and there are quite a few out there.

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  1. Well done on your first review. I am so glad you and hubbie are getting on well now. Talking and getting things in the open makes such a diffence, it is so easy to head off on different paths.

    Mich x

  2. So glad that you've got the romance back in your relationship. I love your "verbal blah" Liska...keep it up! ((hugs)) xxx

  3. I enjoyed meeting you at the Stérimar Launch. I want to go to Cybermummy too just need to sort out a sponsor.

  4. Keep on 'blah'ing - it makes great reading :)

  5. Glad things are going so well. ...and that first step! Wow! You are going to have to get your running shoes on soon.


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