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Well this post isn't sponsored in the monetary sense, but I was invited to a mother and baby event where the UK launch of STÉRIMAR Baby was delivered over lunch.  This was a PR event.

I have held fire on writing this post despite lunch being on 15th February because I wanted to wait and use the product on Aaron (ended up using it on myself 3 times too despite it not being the adult version).

Anyway, I am glad I waited as I can tell you it works! It does what it says on the tin.

I really know the importance of a product like this as myself and Aaron had several colds which seemed to run back-to-back for most of December and all of January.  In Ireland, in particular, Aaron cried all night a couple of nights due to congestion.  You see normally if he was unsettled I would breastfeed him back to sleep, but he would go on, take a couple of sucks, realise he couldn't breathe, and start crying again... One night we had to put 3 saucepans on the stove and stand with him by the steam... He was so fascinated staring at the boiling bubbling water he calmed down, and the steam cleared his head a little and he slept. That's very much a temporary solution and doesn't provide the benefits to the nasal environment that STÉRIMAR does.

I went to the Doctor in Ireland as I had not brought our saline drops (which GPs prescribe) with me... same thing, they prescribe them there too.

I would say that this product (being natural seawater) is a lot more natural.

Aaron is of an age now where he moves so much that the drops no longer go in his nose (ending up in his eyes).  However the STÉRIMAR product has a squirter nozzle that you insert in your nostril and squirt up.  I freely told them at the even that Aaron wouldn't sit still to let me do it, but he did, and more than once too. Also, the way the bottle is designed, (see Sterimar packaging) it can be squirted at any angle... try doing THAT with drops! You can't!
Here's the science:
  • The nose protects our lungs from external impurities.
  • It warms the air and acts as a fine filter. 
  • Sensitive and fragile, the nose's lining (nasal mucosa), is lined with cilia and fufils two functions (1) as an air-conditioner, and (2) as a filter :
The cilia lining the mucosa filter out any substances carried in the air and capture any particles it may carry. When the filtering action of the cilia is insufficient, the cells of the nasal mucosa produce mucus, a sticky liquid that traps any impurities.

By conditioning and filtering the air, the nose acts as the body's first line of defence against external agents that are potentially dangerous to our organism: microbes, pollution, smoke, dust, etc.

If the nasal mucosa dries out, or if the cilia are dirty and clogged, they can no longer efficiently protect us against external agents. This breach in our defences makes us more vulnerable to colds, rhinopharyngitis and allergic rhinitis.

15,000 liters of air pass through the nose every day, so the challenge is by no means a minor one!  STÉRIMARl thanks to its fine microdiffusion spray, gently moisturises and cleanses the nasal passages to aid natural healthy breathing.
Composition: STÉRIMAR is an isotonic filtered sea water solution, 100 % natural and free from preservatives that provides the beneficial properties of marine trace elements: zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, ...etc...
Regular cleansing of the nose helps to restore the nasal mucosa and thus allows the nose to do its work properly.  

More importantly, if congestion is stopping you or your baby from being able to sleep this product does the trick.  I tried it two nights in a row and all I can say is it gives you a feeling like Tunes.  Do you remember that advert when we were younger: Tunes make you breathe more easily.  Well that's how I felt.  I felt like I could breathe, like my nose had been hoovered.  

AND because the product is close to the same makeup as our body water, it creates a good environment in terms of PH balance.  It's an isotonic solution with a salt concentration similar to that of the human body cells.

That is what you can feel.  You can feel that it is not alien to the body.  I always like to try things I am trying on my baby.  I finish his baby rice if he doesn't.  I lick the calpol spoon... etc... if it's not good enough for me, he certainly isn't having it.  And I like STÉRIMAR.  I will always have a bottle close to hand from now on, the same way I would a bottle of calpol.

This is a close up of my baby's precious nose:

In the UK STÉRIMAR is available at Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, the-Co-op Pharmacy and chemists.

Finally, blowing the nose clears the nose but it doesn't cleanse the nose.  STÉRIMAR does!

Click here to learn how to administer STÉRIMAR

Bye for now, Liska x


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