Saturday 5 March 2011

The Biggest Critique of a Mother from a Muvva


we've all encountered it, heard about it on the radio, and shouted about it.  The criticism one gets on motherhood from another muvva!!!!!

It often comes from the most unexpected of places.... i.e. close to home... from one's own muvva and from one's muvva in law... don't kow which is worse.......

And it isn't always direct criticism, sometimes it's just one too many questions....

So this is a theme tune that I will sing in my head, the next time my mothering ability is questioned.

Feel free to borrow it.

You need to listen to all the words to fully appreciate it.

I am back to edit this post as SAHM got me thinking and I ended up listening to Dolly Parton's version, and then found this... Loretta Lynn's version (which I prefer to the one above) and I don't know which is the original????

Watch the second video to the end and you'll see how scientific autocue used to be!!!

BTW I discovered this song, due to spending the afternoon listening to country music with Sandra yesterday and it started in such a funny way:

When we arrived she put a Blanket on The Ground for Aaron to roll around on.... I started singing Blanket on The Ground and she was like YOU KNOW ... THAT SONG.... and I'm like YEAH.

She says you liked Country? To which I said which Irish person didn't...

Anyway she looked and looked and looked for Blanket on the Ground and couldn't find it yesterday, but now a day later, she just told me on the phone that she has now found it.

Anyway we listened to loads of Country songs but the one that resonated with me was this... The Harper Valley PTA  :-)

Liska xxx


  1. Oh I love this song....obviously I'm too young to remember this original but I do remember the 'Dolly Parton' version.


  2. ahhhh I think I just discovered that Jeannie's is the original x
    Wasn't sure before.


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