Friday 4 March 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So is hosted by 3 Bedroom Bungalow and it is fab!!!!!

Dear Sun

Wow it's hot in the sitting room - like a greenhouse, but I know that won't be the case if we venture outside.

mother in PJs


Dear Hubby

You've been fab recently and since Valentine's Day.  Am I starring in Sommersby?
Oh I made myself laugh with that one.

ho ho ho ho ho


Dear Nose

Stop running.  You did that already in December, January and half of February. 
Got the t-shirt = leave me alone!



Dear Flat

How come you get untidy by yourself, but to get tidy you need my help.
Can't work it out   :-0

Liska un-housewife  ;-)


Dear Weekend

What've you got instore for me.  I think I deserve a treat don't you.

Here's hoping


Dear Aspartame

I knew who you were - now so does everyone else...

Mwwaaahhh haa haaa haaa


Dear Tax office

I am fed up of being held in a queue (where I am now, on the phone).  Multi-tasking!
With all the money we pay you, you'd think you could tell me what number I am in the queue.....
No that'd be too much to ask right?!?!? Just like when we owe you money it's payable in 10 days or there's interest, whereas when you owe us money you take errrrrr 6 months to pay it back...... hhhhhmmmmm!

National Insurance number anonymous

Dear Silent Reader

Don't be silent.  Do your Dear So and So and join in the fun.
It's one of the best memes around.


Dear So and So...


  1. Everyone deserves a treat on the weekend, even if it is just a lay in!


  2. Loving how you are not letting you Aspartame awareness campaign go cold. Mwaahhh haaa haaa haaa indeed!


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