Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Car Seat for a 9 month old


Well I am very happy.  I have had it at the back of my mind for months that Aaron needs to go up to the next car seat.... In December I was happy to stretch things out as we spent 3 weeks in Ireland in January and you can't beat the convenience of a carry handle car seat.

Anyhoo! moving on.... I could not decide and felt stressed every time I thought about it.

Aaron was weighed at 10.41 kg on 21st March so it's definitely time to move on, and he's 9 months....

Anyway I am really glad I have stalled as I just got the car seat of my dreams for the price of my dreams....

This car seat does 9 months to 11 years!!!!!!!!!! and is currently on offer with Mothercare.

£40 off AND 10% off, so it's only £107.99 when the RRP is £159.99

See here: Mothercare next stage car seat offer BUT DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE CODE AT THE CHECKOUT TO GET THE 10% OFF.  J4AP

This offer's on till 17th April 2011.

This is not in any way a sponsored post... I wish!!! I am just happy with my bargain.....!  My one reservation was that 2 of my favourite bloggers had blogged about car seats a few months ago so I went back to their blogs in case they had blogged about a better car seat, but luckily (look at this review) it's the same one..... Lucky "Mummy's Little Monkey" got hers provided - wish I did!

I purchased the Britax Evolva Plus 1-2-3 Car Seat - Jet

Very happy with my purchase. Click here and then click "view video".  If you watch the video you may just love it as much as me, and I haven't even seen it in the flesh yet.



  1. Thanks for the recommendation Liska, JC's feet are now hanging off the end of his maxi cosi so I need to upgrade. I will give this one some thought. x


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