Friday 11 March 2011

Dear So and So hosted by 3 bedroom bungalow

Dear So and So...

Dear Hubby

thanks for taking us for a day out today, finally.

Grateful Wife

Dear Jenny

Looking forward to seeing you and Edward Monday.

Fellow Blogger & Friend

Dear Flat

Please tidy yourself up.

Sofa Lounger

Dear Sofa

thank you for keeping my lazy arse warm.

Numb Bum

Dear March

With each passing day, you bring me closer to my return to work.
Please slow down a little...

Calendar Eyes

Dear Friends

I have quite a few of you to catch up with in just 3 weeks.
Angie, I'll set a date I promise.

Poor Friend

Dear Aaron

Love you son!

Devoted Mother

Bye for now, Liska xxxxx

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