Friday 25 March 2011

Ideal Home Show


We went to the IHS today.  The main highlight was the Corrie House.  On the one hand I liked it (queued for long enough) but on the other, I was a little disappointed.

  1. The fab footage of old fab storylines being shown to us in the queue.
  2. Seeing the upstairs of the Barlow's house.
  3. Some great photos on the Rovers' Return wall.
  1. The queue.
  2. The emptiness of the Rovers. (Just a place to queue).
  3. The fact that the modern version of the Barlow's house had no personal possessions in it - are we to believe they redecorate and leave their photos down?
  4. There was something missing... can't put my finger on what...
  5. It was shockingly hot at the whole show.  Aaron ended up in vest and jeans...
Anyway, here are the snaps... My one regret: that I didn't get "before" pics of the sitting room and kitchen.

Born Free bottle while Mum ate lunch.


Cardboard Ken in Rovers

Photo wall in Rovers.

Ken and Deirdre's bedroom.

Their boiling cupboard.

Their bathroom.

Is this Tracy and Amy's bedroom?

The knocked through kitchen diner.

Flash kitchen.

Snazzy sitting room.

Ken's bedroom's now ensuite.

Photo of mirror in loos - us babywearing.

STUNNING water feature!
That photo above is taken by me, but I am taking a picture of the mirror.... yet it came out so clear.  I had to hold the camera away from my face to see what I was capturing in the mirror.  My Silent Sunday (27th March) is a close up, where you can't see the frame of the mirror, and there is no blur or haze, you can't even tell it's taken in the mirror.  It's confusing actually.... me photographing me, photographing me.... a picture of a picture of a picture..... Is it just my newly acquired baby brain, or is it indeed a brain fuck???? (Excuse the language I don't usually swear).

Find out more about the Corrie house: click here


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