Saturday 12 March 2011

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Aaron is very excited today and is sporting a pair of pre shoes!  They are lovely and we both think they are really cool.  He looks like a real cool dude now!

So, we read about them first on Gingerbread House and we were sold, but could not decide on a design.

We then read about them on Qwerty Mum, and after that on Inside The Wendy House.

All of the above blog names take you directly to their pre shoes review.

Anyway, at Inside the Wendy House we made our choice and thus ordered the tractor design.

We ordered them on Thursday 10th March and they were already here today Saturday 12th March.  Really impressive and packaged really well.

Couldn't wait to get them on Aaron's feet.

Are they to match my PJs Mummy???

They're so soft I can crawl.

Great in my Jumperoo!!!

We're only on day one, but LOVING them so far.  These are baby shoes that actually stay on!

Had never heard of them, but after 3 glowing recommendations from my 3 favourite bloggers, of course I was going to buy them.

We got the Young Farmers Baby Shoes at £15.99 and they are available here.

In action:

Sunday edit:

and they're just as good with shorts:

Liska xxx


  1. Aaron look totally delicious in his Young Farmer Baby Shoes xx

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! I love the way they have a different picture on each foot. Aaron is beautiful btw x

  3. Beautiful! I came across a company called snugglefeet ( and they are very similar. They are cheaper but I think that they are quite similar.

  4. Claire I feel so silly. Just been on there, and there are so many similarities and they are £7 cheaper...!
    I wonder who copied who, as they are both leather, both elasticated ankle, both applique designs (if that's the right word) etc... both suede soled...

  5. Glad they arrived and you both like them. This design of baby shoes is everywhere and we've tried a few different brands. The Pre Shoes are our favourite though - so soft and they stay on with plenty of room for little toes to wiggle.

  6. Jenny is right, there are loads of different brands like this on the market. We have only tried the Snugglefeet ones and I'm ashamed to admit I chose them because they were the cheapest! We really like them and find that they stay on better than any other shoe we have bought. I've never bought Pre Shoes so I don't know how the two compare and whether it would be worth the price difference? They are really cute though regardless of where you buy them!

  7. Although snugglefeet are only £8.99 they charge £2.50 P&P, but before that discount 10% off the product (90 pence) so the final price is: £10.59.

    Pre shoes delivery is free unless you pay to have them recorded, which for 1 pair is £3.80.

    So at least the difference is £5.40 instead of £7.

    I'm still checking to see what else is different


  8. Pre shoes you're forgiven. Clarks have introduced same thing at £18 and I don't like them at all

  9. Thanks for forgiving Pre Shoes and everybody is right there are similar shoes but they are not the same. I design all my own shoes and I believe I am the only UK Company to belong to the British Leather Centre, who test all of my leathers.I am passionate about my shoes and I try to put a lot of detail into my designs and take a lot of care over the quality.

    I hope you agree

    Susie - Pre Shoes

  10. Definitely, we are LOVING our pre shoes more and more everyday.
    Liska x

  11. We love ours too :) The leather is lovely on the Pre Shoes and worth the extra ££££££s.

  12. I finally improved the video quality using photo bucket


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