Thursday 17 March 2011

Teddy Time

This shows the progress of Aaron going from playing quietly with his teddies, to then reaching up, and pulling himself up into a kneeling position.  Learning through play, because he spied high up toys attached to the rail.

Photos span the days 10th March through 16th March.

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Liska x


  1. Awww bless him! He's growing up fast. What a lovely video.

    Thanks for your blog comments. I will be blogging about my daughters birthday but she didn't really have a party this year. She's really ill at the moment too which isn't good :(


  2. Aww Liska...beyond cute!! Thanks for my comments on my blog (that Formspring was vile, my poor glad we spotted it. They were telling her to commit was horrible.)


  3. It's wonderful to see them making progress. Every little step is a huge achievement!

  4. treasured memories lovely x


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