Thursday 17 March 2011

A pre-review and a bum know nothing


I am a bum know nothing who is hoping to be a Bum Genius....

I have been sent 2 to review, and as the whole reusable nappy thing is a big deal for me, I have been busy researching, in my quest to be a genius.

So it all began whilst reading pregnancy magazines... I decided I would use reusable nappies, and this is a big deal as I am far from a green goddess.

So, February 2010 we marched off to the baby show and spent over an hour on 2 nappy stands, one of which was Bum Genius.  Hubby and I could not agree on the brand, so we said we'd mull it over, over lunch...

We were intent on walking away that day, having chosen, BUT we were at a "green" stand later and the man there said don't get them now, go and get a voucher from your local authority first and ensure you get the best deal.  Someone else said you don't want the hastle of washing when they're newborn, so get them later, but with me, if I don't strike while the iron's hot, I don't strike at all.  So here I am, still using disposables and Aaron's 9 months and the cost DOES stack up and the refuse DOES add up....

Luckily I joined Fuel My Blog and as a result have been fortunate to be selected to review Bum Genius, and perfectly, THAT was the brand I'd chosen at the Baby Show....... how very fortunate :-)
They were sent to us by BabyKind.

So they arrived Friday 11th March and I spent the weekend reading up on them, and what I started immediately, was tipping Aaron's poos into the loo, to get used to doing so.  Very very easy to do, now he's on solids.... Don't know why I didn't always do so....

Anyway, they need to be washed before use and I have not done so yet, but before the week is out, Aaron's bum will meet my genus and we'll have a review by the weekend, and before Monday.  That's my goal.

Liska x

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  1. I bought Lollipop nappies before JC was born and initially I loved them (despite all the washing) but the problem was that they became too tight for him very quickly. He is a big lad and he had really bad colic so I actually had to stop using them at 3 months. Such a waste of money and I was gutted as I'm quite environmentally aware. I'm looking forward to see what you think of Bum Genius as I might considering getting a bigger size at the Babyshow in April.


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