Saturday 30 April 2011

Aaron - standing on my own 2 feet

Aaron uses EVERY opportunity to stand up now.  He's always been weight bearing on our knees, standing holding our shoulders, but now...

He stands in front of the TV, he stands holding the coffee table, he climbs up the washing machine, he climbs up my legs and he always stands in the cot.

It's really hard work

Yes, look bashful, I am getting your standing on camera!

Pillows behind me because I love falling back!


  1. Oh go Aaron, he will be off soon! This reminds me of similar photo's I took when Beastie just learnt to sit up, such a milestone :-)

  2. Thanks for reading my post and your comment! but I am now stressing as some of the paragraphs are tiny! grrr stupid formatting with photo's, I tried and look what happened! Glad someone else loves Titanic, he he xx

  3. So cute. Rosie is just starting to climb up holding onto everything. She is not as sturdy looking but thinks she can walk. She obviously can't and falls over. We've had quite a few bangs to the head this week!


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