Thursday 14 April 2011

Enough is enough


I promised on going back to work I wouldn't get into my old habit of spending a fortune on lunch.

Well what's happened so far....
  • Coffee at station every morning @ £1.90
  • Pret for granola on way to work @ £1.99
  • Lunch approx £7
Yesterday was an exception because I got a Vietnamese buffet for lunch @ £4.
Today was an exception because I went to a Thai Restaurant for lunch @ £10.
Ironically those 2 days added together averages as the usual.... £7 a day....

Well this evening is the end of my 2nd working week and has to see that extravagance stop!!!!!

Liska xx


  1. Oh dear...spending your wages before you've even got them. Packed lunches for Liska tsk tsk ;) xx

  2. I'm terrible for doing that too :(

  3. I used to do that too when I worked in London. Pret is evil! you can spend so much. I also used to spend a fortune at M&S at the train station (you know to treat myself after a hard day!). I am a good girl these days with a packed lunch but it's sooo boring...xx


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