Wednesday 27 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't going to post this photo from Sunday as I was flabbergasted that my arms are so fat. My flab was gasted. Why am I making jokes when it is not funny?

Anyway I read the prompt for this week's Gallery last night and I was meant to post this last night.... bit late now and I don't use the internet for personal use whilst at work.

This photo is from Easter Sunday where the 3 of us spent the afternoon in Alexandra Palace prior to the mandatory visit to the MIL.

I had to post this, despite my reservations, as it is the greenest photo I have :-)

Liska xxx


  1. You look fine!! don't worry. Also the tower looks wonky...ha ha x

  2. It's a lovely photo :)

  3. For a fleeting second there, I thought you were in Paris!!

    *rubs eyes, checks specs, looks again*

    NOT the Eiffel Tower! Lol!

  4. You look absolutely lovely to me Liska. x

  5. Great pic and lots of greenery :)

  6. You look fab. I could knock someone out with my bingo wings ;)

  7. Your arms aren't fat at all - you're gorgeous Liska. I'm so excited to meet you in June!

    Lovely photo.

    Sorry I haven;t been on your blog the past week, I've neglected my blogging duties over Easter.


  8. You look lovely although it won't matter how often you are told that you need to believe it yourself! I was flabbergasted to see how tall Aaron looks in this photo, has he sprouted?


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