Thursday 28 April 2011

A storm in a Tea Cup

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Sponsored post.

This post is sponsored in the sense that I was sent free tea to review, from Storm Tea, via Fuel My Blog.  Their strap line is "always a storm brewing".

I was very impressed from the moment it arrived because the tea came with a personalised letter.  This is something I have always expected, but I have been sent a few products to review now and it is only the first time that I have received a letter - it was a very nice and appreciated touch! And I did not take it for granted - clearly!

And this was far from your average tea.  No dried out tea leaves here!  I was sent the Organic red berry and rose petal tea, which is part of their pyramid range.

Organic red berry and rose petal tea

Organic red berry and rose petal tea

You get 15 'silk' pyramids in a box, beautifully packaged (the box is in the photo above - as you can see the packaging is clear so that you can see the fab product inside that is waiting to create a storm in your cup!).  The box text explains that: the pyramids "allow room for the tea leaves to expand fully, swim around and infuse fully for a 'perfect storm'".  This is what they say about the flavour: "Our super fresh and fruity tea with chunks of strawberry and apple. Squeezed full of vitamins to help keep colds and flush toxins away and rounded off with the delicate edge of rose petals. Naturally caffeine free.  Ingredients: Hibiscus*, apple bits*, rosehips*, strawberry bits* rose petals* natural flavour. *Certified organic by the Soil Association".

They're not joking about the "bits" and the "chunks" - I broke open a bag and it was full of bits hence the awesome flavour which creates the "storm in a tea cup".
Now what I was particularly impressed by, is that I always use a tall mug that is the equivalent of 2.  To get my usual herbal teas to taste how it's meant to, I have to use 2 x bags in my tall mug.  Not so with Storm! AND as the flavour was soooooo strong, despite being in a tall mug, I dared to fill it up again, and it still tasted good, but to a normal herbal tea standard and not to the standard that Storm has now lead me to expect.... (the refill was like a diluted version which during the hot weather I could tolerate for hydration rather than taste).

So effectively it was like having 4 cups from 1 tea bag, with the first 2 cups (my tall mug) tasting superb.

Now it is rather convenient that 1 bag makes what I normally need 2 bags for, because it is double the price.  My normal tea of choice is about £1.80 for 15 bags and Storm is £3.99 for the flavour I was sent, but considering I need 1 bag instead of 2, they're equal, yet Storm surpasses in flavour and I'd also say outstrips my normal tea in health benefits.

So yes I am impressed, but as I am not usually a fruity tea person, I enjoyed the 1 bag sample they flung in more, and that was their Pure Organic Peppermint Tea, which is delicious and sells at £3.79.  In the letter they said "please find enclosed a sample box of tea and one or 2 of our single samples to taste - really hope you enjoy them!"  Well Storm, I did, but I enjoyed the 1 bag of Peppermint more than the 15 bags of Red Winter Berry Tea, but that's just my personal taste, and hey, why do you say 1 or 2 and then only send me 1??? 

Pure organic peppermint tea

Pure organic peppermint tea

To see the Storm in action  have a look at this:


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