Sunday 10 April 2011

Hot Sleep


Well my son had an action packed day.

We were up by 8:30 (which is early for us).... although we've been getting up early more often in the last few weeks due to the brighter mornings.

Played with pegs while Mum folded.

Colour coordinated toys!

Mirror in his book shows my best boy!

An afro in the making!

New car seat is good for sleep

Sun made me tired and slept again

And despite the 2 sleeps above, due to all the fresh air, Aaron was asleep by 8:30 tonight which is VERY unusual for him. Even when he was getting up at 7 on my first 3 days at work I was having trouble getting him to sleep at 22:30.

He had an awful lot of fun today though and LOVED his new car seat. We had a long lively bath when we got in which he really enjoyed.

It's 23:22 and I best get to bed as I will have one lively boy EARLY in the morning after him going to sleep so early.

And I want to be as cheerful in the morning as he will no doubt be - he IS A MORNING PERSON. We get his best smiles first thing.

And I would like to be organised enough in the morning to take him swimming as we haven't been a second time yet :-(

Liska x


  1. Hey lovely..that great that he slept well! The post you were looking for is here! Just thought that would make it easier for you! Enjoy what looks like another sunny day! xx

  2. He looks so comfy in his car seat! Glad he is enjoying the nice weather. x

  3. Gorgeous pics, he looks very comfy in his car seat. The weather makes everyone happy even our little ones x


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