Monday 11 April 2011



Just got an email about this post from Never Found the Plot. She talks about how grateful she is for being nominated twice.

So I went to look and I've been nominated for Best Baby Blog - got tears in my eyes now.

Oh my....... and Blogger of the Year

This is how it works.

Liska xxx


  1. Wonder who nominated you? lol You totally underestimate yourself! Your blog is really good, lots of interesting content and a good balance between personal stuff and helpful information.

  2. Well done you. Your blog is really good. I haven't even nominated yet but will be nominating you too :-) x

  3. well done Liska! Well deserved! I can't believe I've been nommed in best pregnancy category, totally unexpected! x

  4. Well done really is an honour to be nominated, but I do hate the whole voting part of it. I hate self-promoting...I just can't do it!! I love being a part of it but don't think I'll get any further! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!


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