Wednesday 6 April 2011

Tots 100 you are joking right???

I'm wondering if there's been a mistake at Tots 100.  A day after my Wikio rank going UP 82 places from 334 to 252...

... my Tots 100 rank has gone from 521 to 876, which just can't be right in a month when I blogged a hell of a lot more, received more followers, had high stats and increased comments.

If the criteria they measure it by has changed...? ... surely they should inform us? No?

Liska xxx


  1. You are doing much better than me. I was voted 1235! I guess we need to take these figures with a pinch of salt and not get too hung up on them. Its still a great blog and can only get better x

  2. Funny you should mention that but in January I was 205 and over the moon after a year's hard slog, then I decided to go to my own domain, I knew there would be a cost and I slipped to 596 *ouch* I was interested to see this month if I budged a couple of places in the right direction and boy did I get a surprise I am now listed 1141! I'm going to take the badge down for the moment and see in a couple of months if it picks up. It's just not the message I want to be giving people

  3. there's been a lot of people saying this today. Apparently it's because a lot of new blogs joined last month. I love reading you Liska.

  4. I'm with you, gutted! I was originally at 521, then went to 317, then to 305 and today 1124!!! WTF!!! My figures, comments etc etc have been going up and up and up so I was sure I was going to break 200 this time :(((

    (Mummy Matters)

  5. I so completely agree! My best month ever on my blog; 30% more viewings than the previous month, 50 more e-mail subscribers, comments galore and I dropped 70! WTF?

  6. Okay we need to shout and be heard xxx

  7. you're not doing enough product reviews, guest posts, useless competitions, and you need to slut yourself around a lot more. Oh and it's not quality, it's quantity.



  8. I wouldn't get too hung up about the rankings - they take allsorts into account like subscribers (this is not your google friend connect followers but people who sign up to your feed/email). It's also because there were about 700 new blogs added to the index this month. I somehow ended up in the top 100 and I can't figure out why, I have loads more subscribers - about 100 more but that's the only thing I can honestly put it down to. I know there are totally AMAZING blogs that are so far down the list it's untrue so I'd just try and forget about the rankings and just keep doing what you're doing. Rankings Shmankings :) xx

  9. I hate that I just posted a long comment and lost it.

  10. Trying again...

    The criteria for the index haven't changed but simply put - the index has grown massively, from 900 blogs in January to a little over 1,600 this month.

    This naturally means the blogs in the index have shifted rank, and these shifts can seem especially dramatic outside the top 100 where blogs tend to get scores that are very close together.

    That said, we are always very happy to help people out if they want to check their scores or understand how they're calculated - details are also published on the Tots100 site in the FAQ section. Anyone can email me and I'm always more than happy to help or answer questions.

    We work very hard to make the Tots100 as fair and open as possible. But certainly we should have warned people this month that there were likely to be some big shifts - I can only apologise for those of you who got a shock and weren't sure why!

  11. I plummeted from 23 to 69.


  12. Please don't get too hung up on a number. Nearly every person who has posted here has said that their own personal stats were way up, that is the measure that is important!

    Are you registered with technorati? doing that can up your score. Have you looked at Klout and added your FB page (if you have one) to it? that can up your score too.

    Last year I sat at about 117 for 4 months and then in Jan dropped by 200 places to 300 ish and there was no ryhmne or reason to it. Then from Feb I shot right into the top 20 and have dropped down slightly this month to 27.

    With 1600 blogs anyone is the top 500 is doing an amazing job, if you are in the top 900 then you are in the top 50%. Surely that is good? I think so, especially for newer blogs.

    Remember many of the blogs at the top have been running for years and that can affect the score as they rank more highly in many of the measures. I can't actaully recall what the measures are but I expect I have better pagerank than many, just because my blog has been about since 2008. I have also had more time to collect RSS subscribers etc.

    Big smile and breath....

    Mich x

  13. Oh that's gotta suck! I can't figure out if you are doing something wrong or that that way they do the statistics has changed. I do love your blog though if that helps!


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