Monday 23 May 2011

Cybermummy 2011 Sponsor - Talk Talk sponsors New Mum Online

I am proud, delighted and excited to announce that my sponsor for Cybermummy is Talk Talk.

How appropriate when it is my Talk Talk broadband connection that keeps me online... and supports me in all that I do online.  Due to my blog addiction I spend a considerable amount of time on the laptop.

It has always been my wish that my sponsor would be relevant and be a product that I use everyday...... well this is a product that I use every minute of every day :-) and yes I like to talk talk myself :-) having been a bit of a chatterbox all my life.

I actually joined Talk Talk standing in Tesco one day, and left Virgin Media to do so.  I find the broadband connection with Talk Talk much faster than what we had before.  The move also brought down my phone bill.

At the recent Blogcamp event I found out about Talk Talk's latest product: Homesafe, which they've literally just launched.  It is revolutionary, and nobody else is doing it.  I will do a dedicated post about it but for now leave you with this link to watch a demo.

Parents with school age children will LOVE the homework setting where you can limit internet access (turn off social media) when children are supposed to be using the internet for homework research purposes.

Liska x

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