Sunday 22 May 2011

MOMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum

Hi All,

Anyone is allowed to join us.  All you need is a blog and a Mum Tum, and you can jump on our bandwagon.  Please write a post in keeping with the theme: losing your Mum Tum, and link to it below.

So ladies this week it's over to you.  I am not setting a theme or any questions.  So invent your own subject.... mine is:

What's your problem?

So I took the photos below today in readiness for this post...... as my main problem is that in weeks I have not cooked.... I graze on nibblies instead and hence the pounds have piled on.  I said last week that I would cook every day this past week - I didn't....... I know...... I failed, but the first step in progress is admitting you failed right?

I use Aaron as an excuse not to cook...... to be fair now he's mobile it is harder.....

But tonight I cooked and that is what I need to do if I am going to shift this weight.

In December I was lighter and slimmer than I am now, as I spent the whole Summer last year cooking.  My Mum was here for 9 weeks when Aaron was born, so I used to make healthy dinners for us all.

Everytime I go to Working London Mummy's blog I feel terrible, as I know this is one of my biggest issues currently and she excels in that area.  I promise to do one of her recipes one of these days......

Anyway today I made a meal and luckily hubby was able to eat it before going on a night shift, so it's nice to know he has gone off with a full tum :-)

I didn't make diet food, I made what we happened to have in:

Dolmio sauce with fried fresh onion and fresh tomatoes

Basmati done in a skillet which tastes like a rice cooker.

Fragrant fluffy rice - delicious! Turned bowls onto plate for the presentation effect!

The stew and rice and 2 steak burgers and stuffed vine leaves.

So, at the Nivea and Xbox event I found out that my candida is back, and the lady I saw there, recommended that I give up coffee and sugar.  I will try and make an effort with that this week.  I know that's urgent as she said I have high blood sugar and to be honest I don't feel myself.

But at least I have broken the "no cooking" thing I had inflicted on myself....... that's progress.

Over to you...

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